Friday, February 9, 2018

G200 - the new flagship

Our new top end, do it all tracking device is in progress. 

  • Iridium fail over
  • 2 x Analogue Inputs
  • Ignition + 3 Digital Inputs
  • Bluetooth module
  • External sensor options
  • Driver ID: RFID, iButton, Weigand
  • RS232/TTL options
G200 PCB being built and tested.

G62 - the next iteration of our IP67 wired tracker

The G62 prototype has been built and is being tested now.

We're aiming to replace the successful G60 with a newer product. It will be simpler, easier to make, have newer GPS/Cellular modules, and work in new territories. It will retain its bullet-proof work-anywhere qualities.

Here's the summary:
  • IP67 rated, glass nylon housing - tough as nails, and proven on the G50 and G60.
  • New cellular platform, gives options for 2G, 3G, LTE-CATM1, and NB-IoT (if that makes sense for a mobile wired tracker...). This should give us options all over the world.
  • GNSS (GPS + others) block is the latest and greatest from u-blox.
  • Ignition + 2 digital inputs
  • 1 analogue input
  • 1 switched ground output, for immobilisation
  • Dallas iButton Driver ID
The G62 Prototype

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Yabby - the Mini Oyster LoRaWAN

The Yabby Prototype is being built and tested. It's coming together quickly.

This is a LoRaWAN tracker, with a form factor based on 3 x AAA batteries. The size is really exciting.

Here are the details:
  • LoRaWAN - 868 and 915 MHz regions
  • GPS: high performance u-blox module, LNA, 2.5cm patch antenna
  • 3 x AAA replaceable batteries
  • New IP67 rated Yabby housing
  • More compact than the Oyster, but less battery life.
  • Accelerometer on board.
Our hand built prototype so far...