Friday, December 15, 2017

SensorData LoRaWAN and SensorData Sigfox

Hours before the factory doors close for Christmas, two new products made it through the ovens:
They're both sensor platforms, with the obvious communication technology differences. Sensor interfaces include:
  • SDI12 - Agriculture sensors like soil moisture probes
  • I²C - Temperature, humidty, CO2, etc.
  • Digital inputs - 2 on LoRaWAN, 3 on Sigfox
  • Analogue inputs - 1 on LoRaWAN, 2 on Sigfox
  • Outputs - 3.3V and 12V boost outputs.
  • Optional GPS
Both are extremely low power devices, so multi year battery life is possible.

SensorData Sigfox in the pick and place machine. The pneumatic head is whizzing around

Partially populated SensorData LoRaWAN panels, waiting for some additional parts.

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